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How It Works

My search tool searches the content of all the books on a Bookshelf in your Google Books Library. It sets up a search query consisting of a search term, a shelf number, and the ISBNs of all searchable books on your shelf.

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Why This Exists

Google Books offers a way to search your entire Library, but for some reason it does not offer an option to search just a Bookshelf. This tool fills that gap. It was built to facilitate a commentary search component of the Scripture Study App for Calvin Theological Seminary.

In The Classroom

This tool can be used for a variety of innovative activities inside or outside the classroom. Browse my ideas and brainstorm your own.


This tool was built by Nathan Bierma, who is not a programmer by trade and does not claim this code is beautiful, only that it seems to get the job done.


I’m not affiliated with Google and this is not an official Google product.

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